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what is the english premier league

What Is Premier League Team Logos? The English Premier League is a football championship that receives the attention of a large number of fans worldwide with the participation of 20 clubs. To know more about what the English Premier League is and the meaning of the logos of the teams, all premier league badges will have in the article below.

What is the English Premier League?

Premier League is the name of the football championship in the world. Is one of the professional football tournaments for men’s teams in England. In the English football league system, the English Premier League is the highest league. Joined by a large number of teams from all over the UK. As well as attracting a large number of football fans around the world who are interested and watching.

The English Premier League consists of 20 clubs, as well as 20 teams participating in the relegation and promotion system with the English Football League. That’s why audiences around the world always look forward to watching this football tournament as well as their favorite team.

History of the Premier League

The highest football league in England was originally the British Championship (now the First Division, ranked second in the list of British leagues), established in 1888. However, in the 80s of world In the 20th century, the leagues in England received low expertise, the holographic situation was difficult to control and even banned for 5 years from participating in the European Cup.

Therefore, by 1991, the leaders of the clubs in England agreed to create a new tournament to attract television rights. All 20 strongest teams then signed an application not to participate in the English championship of the British Football Association and participate in the English Premier League.

The first English Premier League season took place in 1991/92 with major adjustments in in-game time to serve television rights. That helps the richer clubs start buying heavily. The fact that TV rights are sold around the world also helps the players become famous outside Europe and England.

Currently, the English Premier League is the most-watched football tournament in the world, broadcasting in 212 territories to 643 million households. There are about 4.7 billion people around the world watching the English Premier League a season, very high compared to the total world population of 7-8 billion people.

What is the prize structure in the Premier League?

The Premier League awards are huge, so the clubs always win a lot of attractive prizes. The English Premier League is very special, there is not a big difference in prize money between the two-ball clubs. Therefore, this football tournament always ensures fairness, big or small teams can still operate and develop.

what is the prize structure in the premier league

All premier league logos 20 teams

The English Premier League is the most attractive football tournament on the planet at the moment, the tournament includes 20 clubs, let’s find out the meaning of 20 logos of English Premier League team logos

Manchester City

The Manchester City logo is designed as a circle that harmoniously combines 2 colors: white and blue – also the traditional colors of the Club’s shirt. It is this that is nicknamed the “Green Half City” by fans.

The two sides are two numbers 18 and 94, combined is 1894 – The year the Club was founded. The inscription around the circle is the name of the “Manchester” Club. In the middle is a golden ship symbolizing the fact that the city has a large port for ships to dock, and at the same time shows the development of the city’s sea trade. The red rose below symbolizes sincerity, the embodiment of immortality and loyalty.

manchester city


The Kop’s logo in addition to its eye-catching and stylish appearance, it also interweaves a very humane gesture in it. Two side flames were added in 1993 to pay tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. The image of the Shankly Gates gate arranged at the top in 1992 with the words “You’ll Never Walk Alone” reflects the tradition of the Port City team.



Chelsea with the image of a blue lion standing with its head turned back (similar to epl the lions), holding a staff in hand, two roses and two balls on either side. The lion image symbolizes the power of Count Cadogan, who was the club’s president and once had the title of Viscount Chelsea. The staff represents the parish priest of Westminster and the lords of Chelsea. The roses represent England and the soccer balls, of course, represent the sport. Among the logos of the English Premier League team logos, this is the team with the lion logo similar to the logo of the tournament

Chelsea logo


The cannon of London – Arsenal, this nickname is also based on the image of the team logo with the cannon standing out on a red background. The club was originally founded by a group of munitions workers in the Metropolitan Borough, of Woolwich. The original Arsenal logo consisted of three columns that looked like chimneys. But they are actually 3 cannons – based on the iconic design of the Metropolitan Borough where the team was founded The cannon image on the Arsenal Logo is influenced by the war situation in the region and despite having moved out of Woolwich 89 years ago, the image of the cannon has evolved over the years and still plays a dominant role in Arsenal logos to this day.


Manchester United

The Manchester city badge associated with the Mu team makes a strong impression on the world. Since the 80s, the new Manchester football team has its own logo. The image of the red devil is associated with the nickname of the Manchester football team. The Red Devil represents the team’s fighting spirit. When looking at the logo image you will see the spirit of the team.

The color of the decoration highlights the team name. The Manchester City logo is only used in final matches. This is a logo with a strong mark, not only helping MU to win with today’s football score but also making a great impression on the opponent.

manchester united

West Ham United

Two crossed hammers: Honoring the shipbuilders, the city where the great shipbuilding port is located. This is also the expression of the club’s nickname with the name Hammer.

Background Color: Simulates the colors used for traditional jerseys. (Sportswear)

London inscription: Before England’s top league changed its name to the Premier League, Westham used to be the proud team of the city of London, the inscription used to remind of a generation of legends. 

The sports club was founded quite early with the name Thames Ironworks in the summer of 1895, but it was not until 1923 that the team had the first official football logo.

The logo is quite simple, sometimes it is considered rude or grotesque, but it contains the subtleties of the city and the people here. Like an uncut diamond, delicate in the rough.

west ham united

Tottenham Hotspur

The logo has a striking blue color on a white background, the rooster image has been changed continuously since 1921 but has never been replaced on the logo.

Blue logo: The main color of the club is blue on a white background, which is the club’s traditional shirt color.

Image of a cock with a spur: One of the medieval stories, about Sir Henry using a long metal spur on the horse’s leg. The city is also the most famous cockfighting place in the UK.

Classic soccer ball: After the logo is designed, an important factor is how to identify this as a football team logo, the introduction of the classic ball is both to honor the value of the king sport and to make the Logo. Spur is different from business company logos.

tottenham hotspur

Wolverhampton Wanderers

The logo is designed simply, with only hexagons superimposed on each other, along with the black wolf mascot, the 2 main colors used include gold and black which are also the logo of the team.

Black + yellow: is the club’s traditional shirt color, it means getting out of the dark.

This is the motto of the city council: “out of the darkness is light”; Black for darkness, yellow for sunlight.

Wolf mascot: The club’s mascot is also the nickname of the team, which has been used since 1970.

Hexagonal shape: A difference that the club’s leaders want, a completely different seal compared to the teams in the English Premier League.

wolverhampton wanderers

Aston Villa

Aston Villa logo is designed on the background of a rectangular shield with a slightly protruding bottom, the logo is divided into 3 main parts: The top part is the words AVFC; The central part is an image of a yellow lion, in front of the lion is a white star. The logo has 2 main colors, blue and sepia.

AVFC stands for Aston Villa Football Club. Scottish lion: The pride or pride of the Scots, similar to the UK, but the lion in Scotland is yellow. White Star: Successfully celebrating the club’s first European championship.

aston villa


The Southampton logo is designed into 3 separate parts, the top part is a soccer ball and the angel halo is placed on a red and white striped scarf. The second part is a shield in the center made up of 3 main motifs: Old tree, water flow and a flower. The third part is a black frame with the words Southampton FC in yellow.

The soccer ball and the angel halo: St. Mary.

Red and white striped scarf: The club’s traditional color is red and white stripes.

Green trees: New Forest

The Wave: The City’s Shipbuilding History (The Titanic Was Built Here)

Hampshire Rose: The flower symbolizes the city as well as England.

Southampton FC: Designed specifically for the club, a small separate ego is placed at the bottom.


Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace logo is designed with 2 separate parts, the upper part is the image of a large eagle grabbing the building, and the lower part is the image of a crystal building with a soccer ball at the top, and the words Crystal Palace on the top. green silk.

Crystal Palace Logo – Find out information and meaning Crystal Palace Logo

Eagle: Nicknamed by fans, has been the club’s mascot since 1973.

Crystal Building: The exhibition building located in Selhurst, London is the symbol of the club.

Blue silk ribbon: Appears from the first logo of Crystal Palace designed in 1955, after many changes this detail is used to the present.

crystal palace

Leicester City

White and Blue background colors: Until 1992, the club’s official traditional shirt was blue and white, these two familiar colors were also designed on the current logo of the team.

The image of the fox: This is the club’s mascot, the image of the fox comes from but in the late 19th century, there were many foxes in Leicestershire, Hunters often gathered here to hunt for their skin. extremely valuable. As a way to compensate for this animal, the team logo here is a way for people to remember the foxes.

The flower in the center: The Potentilla tree is another symbol of Leicestershire.

leicester city

Brighton & Hove Albion

White and blue circle is the club’s traditional shirt color, the club’s color is used throughout and has not changed after more than 100 years of establishment.

Seagull: Initially, the image of the seagull was replaced by a seal true to the team’s nickname: Seagulls. The seagull symbol represents the city’s character, freedom, and peace.

Brighton Hove Albion fc Logo

Newcastle United

The Newcastle logo is quite complicated and associated with the Norman era, the logo design resembles a statue as a way to commemorate the history of the city.

The lion holding a flag: depiction of the cross of St.

The Castle: Castle Keep and the Norman Age.

2 Seahorses: The Seafaring Heritage of the City of Newcastle.

Central black-and-white shield: resembles the color of a penguin, synonymous with the nickname Maggie. The traditional black and white shirt color is also taken from here.

newcastle united


The club’s logo has been changed from the 2017-18 season until now. Redesigning a sports club’s logo or crest is more controversial than most projects because fans feel a much stronger sense of ownership over their team than they would, say, over a large bank or restaurant chain.

Most of its ideas come from the crest from 1972 to 1975 and the Brentford Supporters Club badge from the 1960s.

The bee in the middle of the roundel looks more angular and aggressive than bees that have been drawn in the past. This adds to the strength and personality of the design as a whole.

The typeface is clean and easy to read, and the numbers in 1889 are based on old football fonts. The colors look like the current design red, black, and yellow.

Brentford logo

Leeds United

The Leeds United logo is designed on the background of an oval seal, with a blue outer edge, a yellow inner background, and a stylized small blue shield in the center, above a Yorkshire, rose. , below is the words FUFC stylized. The Leeds Club logo does not have a too sophisticated design, from the color of the image to the main design of the logo, all of which are characteristic of the club.

Leeds United have had to wait for more than 20 years for the return to the Premier League, they were once one of the big names in the English Premier League, and the return date brings great hope to the team.

Color: Blue and yellow are the two traditional colors of the team.

Inscription FUFC: Abbreviation of the full name of Leeds United Football Club.

Yorkshire Rose: The symbol of the club, the rose appears in many logos of the English Premier League teams.

leeds united


The Everton logo now features a shield. The three icons including Prince Rupert’s spire and two country moons remain the same as the original design but are placed inside the shield. Outside there is a silk strip with the Latin inscription Nil satis nisi optimum, which means: Only the best is enough.

Prince Rupert’s Tower, officially known as Everton Lock-Up, and otherwise known as Prince Rupert’s Castle, is a symbol of the village of Everton Brow in Everton, Liverpool. This 18th-century architectural masterpiece is one of two icons of the Georgian period that still exist in Liverpool to this day. Meanwhile, the Latin inscription Nil satis nisi optimum is a famous Latin saying. This line is taken as the slogan of many clubs, schools, and research institutes in the UK and around the world. Its meaning is: Only the best is enough.


Nottingham Forest

The Nottingham Forest Club logo has an identity feature characterized by a stylized tree, mentioning the club’s name and wavy lines, representing the Trent River. Sometimes we can see two stars adjacent to the symbol, the two stars represent two memorable Champions League titles.


nottingham forest

Bournemouth F.C

The Bournemouth logo is designed on a pentagonal plate, with a slightly rounded pointed bottom, the logo uses 3 tones white, black and red. Above is the words AFC BOURNEMOUTH, the center part is an image of a ball held on top of a player.

The Bournemouth logo was designed from the early years of its establishment, although it has undergone many changes, the design on the two black and red arrays has always remained the same. The design is old-fashioned with factories specializing in the production of 2-color striped football.

AFC Bournemouth: The original name of the club was BFC meaning Bournemouth Football Club, until now it has changed to AFC Bournemouth meaning: Athletic Football Club or sports football club.

Red and black stripes: Traditional shirt color associated with the nickname of The Cherries team.

Image of the ball and the head: In memory of the famous players who have played and are playing for the club, “The ball is the tool, the player is everything”.

Bournemouth F.C


The Fulham logo is designed on a pentagonal seal with an oval rounded bottom that looks quite similar to a medieval gladiator shield, the black background border is white, the center is white, and the middle of the logo is the text FFC color. bright red with a black border. Fulham logo is designed simply, using only 3 basic colors, in the history of club logo formation, this is the simplest and oldest used logo template.

Color: Black and white is the club’s traditional color.

FFC inscription: Fulham St Andrew’s Church Sunday School FC the full name of Fulham Football Club.

Gladiator Shield: The shield was often used by medieval gladiators in battles, a symbol of strength and courage.


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Final Words

By and large, above is some information about Premier League Team Logos that we would like to share with our readers. Thank you for your interest in following our article! Follow us for more news.

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