September 25, 2023

Premier League Standing Table

Easily keep tracks of the current rankings of each team. The standing is based on the number of points earned by each team through their performance in the league.

Premier League table

Instantly updating the latest Premier League results. Help the fan follow the games, and your favorite team.

What is the current Premier League standings?

Who is leading the English Premier League standings? In this seasone, based on the Points and win/lost ratio, Premier League are the 3: Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Premier league stats standing for

The standing is usually presented in a table format, with each team listed in a row and their corresponding statistics in columns. The columns typically include the following information:

  • P (played): The number of games each team has played so far in the season.
  • W (won): The number of games each team has won in the season.
  • D (drawn): The number of games each team has drawn in the season.
  • L (lost): The number of games each team has lost in the season.
  • Goals: The number of goals each team has scored and conceded in the season.
  • Last 5: The last 5 games played by the team, showing W for wins, D for draws, and L for losses.
  • Pts: Premier league points
How are points at Premier League table calculated?

Premier League points are calculated based on the results of matches played by teams in the league. The team that wins a match earns three points, while a draw earns each team one point. A loss earns a team no points.

At the end of the season, the team with the highest number of points is declared the champion of the Premier League. In the event that two or more teams have the same number of points, tiebreakers are used to determine the final ranking.

The first tiebreaker is the total number of wins. If two or more teams have the same number of points and the same number of wins, then the goal difference is used as a tiebreaker. Goal difference is calculated by subtracting the number of goals a team has conceded from the number of goals they have scored.

If two or more teams still have the same number of points and the same goal difference, then the team with the higher number of goals scored is ranked higher. If the teams are still tied, head-to-head record is used as a tiebreaker.


The Premier League table is updated regularly throughout the season as teams play their matches. As the season progresses, the standing becomes more important as teams fight for the top positions in the league, which can lead to qualification for European competitions and a chance to win the coveted Premier League title.

Aside from being a way to keep track of the current rankings of each team, the Premier League Standing can also be used to make predictions about the outcome of future matches. Fans and analysts can use the standing to gauge the form of each team and determine their chances of winning or losing upcoming matches.